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Overconsumption has been pinpointed as one of the biggest sustainability concerns in the fashion industry. Consumers are buying more than what they need, as a result the amount of wastes are also skyrocketing. Subscription based consumption can be defined as transactions that can be intermediated through the market and where there is no transfer of ownership. Subscription based consumption is getting prominent in the society which offers consumers the convenience of having access to new and diverse products without the burden of ownership. The Beyond Club recognizes this sustainable element and provides consumers handbags for rent which promotes circular Fashion. The Beyond Club started the journey in 2020 with the vision of giving its consumers a sustainable and ethical choice where they can use and consume the handbags they love without having the guilt of “We are costing the environment with every purchase”

In addition to circular fashion, we have established other environmentally friendly actions : we are developing a concept that raises awareness about the planet. For instance, we ship our bags in reusable cases rather than mainstream packaging to avoid waste. This is just one of the many steps we are consistently taking. It's a long way to go to be perfectly green, but it's something The Beyond Club strives for as an organization.

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