Why Buy 2nd Hand?

1. Extend Life of Pre Loved Bags

We extend the life of pre-loved bags! The production as well as the materials of a designer handbag are very high quality, so every bag deserves to be worn and loved. We want to get the most out our favorite accessory: you can buy secondhand at an affordable price from us with no regrets because we make sure that all brands have been vetted for authenticity before selling them.

2 Support Circular Fashion 

Second-hand stores help protect the earth's ecosystems because they prevent 100% of environmental damage caused in fashion production processes through reusing bags that have already been manufactured.
You can be a part of saving the environment by buying your next bag secondhand. By doing so, you are helping to reduce waste and conserve natural resources while keeping our planet green for future generations! 

3.Affordable Luxury

You don't need to spend a fortune on designer handbags anymore. We offer you access to true designer treasures, which stand for quality and durability for decades. Make sustainable choices from now on and your wallet will thank you!

Why Our Service?

1. Best Advice

Don't know which designer handbag to choose? Let our expert team of fashion advisors help you find the perfect one!

2. Best Assortment

We have all the bags your heart desires! We carry unique classics, IT-pieces and absolute vintage treasures that you won't find on any other secondhand platform. You are guaranteed to find your dream bag in our collection.

3.best Team

We are always serious about our customers happiness and try to provide what they want. We see customer feedback as an opportunity for continuous improvement with everyone's best interest in mind!